Feng Shui for life

Most people think of Feng Shui as some New World nonsense, but for people who believe in this actually do see changes in their lives, sometimes quite amazing ones. So, without getting into the complexities of Feng Shui, I will outline some simple steps to get started.

Purple is a great color to add into your decor
              The first thing in Feng Shui is energy. When we change the energies of our homes, we change our lives and ourselves… it’s as simple as that.                    The second thing to understand is how and why Feng Shui works.How it focuses on your intentions and how it revamps the subliminal messages your house is sending to you. Once you decide that Feng Shui is going to work for you,then you should just go for it.But if are skeptical about this “energy “thing, then begin with clearing out clutter in your house. Maybe once that is done, it may open your mind to a new thought process. 
Be sure to add some fresh greens into your space
       Let’s begin with the feel and the aura of your house. Does it feel heavy , dark and dreary or do you feel happy to come home? The easiest way to freshen your home( which should be done quite often) is to open the windows, let the sunlight and fresh air come in , play some music you love( yes, the vibrations of the music add to the positive energies) light some candles, maybe dance a bit… you will immediately feel the energies lifting. You can add sea salt to your mop water, spray your linens with lavender( Love Provence) light incense inside AND outside as well.Be sure to do a sage cleanse once every few months, but at least once a year. More on that in another blog.              
Himalayan sea salt lamps are great for bringing in positive energies.
                                                             The second vital step in Feng Shui and the most tedious is clearing out the clutter. Yes, it’s easier said than done.We are all guilty (myself included)of holding onto unnecessary things, including negative thoughts and emotions for years. Where there is clutter, energies will not move, when energies will not move, things will become stagnant and stale, ultimately leading to a lifeless life.So, be ruthless and clean out your closets, garages, drawers, outdated cosmetics, old spices( yes, they have energy too) etc. You will start seeing a shift in energies almost immediately. Be sure to get rid of any negative thoughts and emotions as well as this time.                                                        Once this is done, then comes the fun part. Add on enhancements as needed and move your things around. Apparently, if you move 27 things at one time, you will feel the immediate power of change. Do try it!! But believe, believe, believe!!! 
Believe in your intentions
                                            It’s very important that you only have objects in your house that make you happy. You need to have a strong energy connection with every single item in your house. If you don’t like anything in your house, guess what … it doesn’t like you back either. So, if it ain’t talking to you, it needs to be purged. 
Decorate only with things that you love
                          The use of color is very important in Feng Shui as each color is a manifestation of the five elements -fire, water, wood, metal and earth.The details of how to use colors according to the Bagua map are plenty and takes time and effort to understand.However, you don’t have to paint your entire wall red ( unless you love it and it does look dramatic, in my opinion)but you can add on red decorative pillows, red candles or red roses in your Fame and Reputation area which represents Fire. Same way adding water elements like a fountain or mirrors in your Career area will absolutely help take you places . Now if you have water in the Fire area and vice versa , then you are probably in some kind of jam right now. That’s where a Feng Shui consultant can make minor adjustments and voila your life is back on track. 
Colors are vital in Feng Shui
                                          Use the front door as often as you can. We are so used to driving into our garages and entering into the house from there. This single act alone can be the one thing that you have to change immediately. Using your front door is extremely important for energies to move in and out. Keeping the front door closed at all times represents closed opportunities or missed opportunities. Open the front door as many times a day as you can.
The main door nourishes the soul of the house.
         Each part of your home represents an area of you life.We use what is called a Bagua Map to navigate through the house and add or delete accordingly. The Bagua is like the computer central of your home and is what defines the arrangement and placement of objects . All the intricacies and details of the Feng Shui world merge together after the Bagua of the house has been determined . More details on how to deal with each area to follow in subsequent blogs. So, welcome to the fascinating world of Feng Shui and I hope I can raise the energies of at least one person. Namaste 🙏🏻