The art of making space

Source: The art of making space


The art of making space

Space is energy and energy is what makes this world go around. I am talking about physical space as well as emotional space. When this space is cluttered, you are blocking the energy and over time, this leads to your life becoming stuck. Sound familiar!!!

And guess what,we are all guilty of this urge to buy and before we know it, we have packages from Amazon being delivered daily to out doorstep and the Fedex delivery man knows you by name. Sound familiar!!! I am guilty too…So, now that you have amassed all this extra “stuff” in your space and have come to the realization that it is bogging you down, you need to attack this immediately. Clutter is low lying, stagnant, heavy and confusing energy. So the sooner it’s out of your home, the better it is. After all your home is your living space not a storage space. Did you ever think that maybe the life you have always imagined is buried under the stuff that you own!!!

So here are a few Feng Shui philosophies and tips and by decluttering just two areas to get started on this journey of “clearing your space”.


1) Know the zones of your home -Once you have identified which areas are the most cluttered, I can promise you that if you look at your life, you will find situations that are mimicking that clutter. So, if your life seems unbalanced and chaotic, you may want to look at what’s going on in your closets…do you have clothes/shoes that you haven’t worn in more than a year? Most people wear 20%of their clothes 80% of the time. The rest of the clothes are for “when I lose weight, impulse sale buys, or just in case . Even if you can’t throw out all of these”maybes” make a start and try for at least half of them. The others can go into a box with a date 6 months from now. If you haven’t worn these even once during this time, off they go to Salvation. Ask yourself this question – if you were shopping right now, would you buy this item ? If the answer is No, toss it . Now that you have some semblance in your closet, add some decorative touches based on which Bagua the closet is in. And this exercise will need to become part of your daily/ weekly/monthly routine. Otherwise, you will be back to square one in no time.              2) Clean out your kitchen– The kitchen represents the state of your health and wealth. So, let’s ensure that your kitchens nourishes your life, with these few easy tips. Start with throwing out all expired items from your fridge and pantry. Oh man, those Costco deals !!! Did I really need 12 cans of peaches?? Also do an inventory of your Tupperware… you will be surprised at your mismatched items. While at it, discard unused pots and pans, broken cups, etc. Do not have any knives out on the counter. These need to be hidden in a drawer. Clean out your drawers and cupboards. Clear your countertops of those Cuisinarts and Vitamixes. Juxtaposition beautiful objects with a couple of functional cooking items. This will bring about a higher vibrational energy to your food and uplift the cooking experience. Always have a fresh flowers and a beautiful bowl with fresh seasonal fruits. Bring in the earth elements to your décor with yellows, gold and earth tones. Your garbage can should be hidden, for obvious reasons. Discipline yourself and your family not to use the counters for mail, newspapers, school papers, bills etc .And most important, ensure that your stove is clean at all times and use all your burners, not just the ones closest to you.

So now that you have decluttered just these two notorious space, move on and tackle every room in your home. This will now open up amazing opportunities that will make you realize how important this step is . But it makes sense… when we have clutter and unnecessary things in our space, there is no space left for the abundance we are seeking. We want more money, more business, nice clothes and jewelry and shoes, more meaningful relationships yet, all we have is old, outdated, mediocre, unused crap and emotions (more in this in a separate blog) occupying precious space. So make space and be prepared to receive the abundance that this Universe brings your way.

Namaste and wishing you eternal happiness.