The pure magic of Salt and Water 

Salt and Water have been around for as long as this Earth and are considered pure and raw. We have always been taught to be respectful of both salt and water and there is a great deep philosophy to it, which is not what I am going to be talking here today. What I want to let you know is how to use these elements to cleanse the energies of your space and open yourself to an amazing life. I wrote extensively about cleaning out your clutter in my last blog, and yes, I know of some friends who have been furiously emptying their closets and fridges(you know who you are) … hopefully many others have at least thought about clearing out their junk , if not already started the process. After, I wrote my blog, I decided to re arrange my home office, and while I was at it , I managed to throw out old papers( did I need a file on my blood tests from 2012??), old fabric swatches, dated magazines( Preeti… really??) etc. But, I am now loving my new space as it feels fresh and I am working with a clearer and more focused mind. So, now that our areas have been de-cluttered ( well, at least for a while) let’s clear up the stagnant heavy energies that have been slowly and steadily building up. One of the easiest and most powerful ways to achieve this is by the Salt Water cure. It’s very simple and yet so many people have no idea about this. All you need is rock salt, water, coins and a bowl. I like to use Himalayan pink salt( easily available at Costco.. yeah). Now, I also like to use salt for mopping, and Reyna, my Housekeeper( bless her) knows to just add salt(every now and then) to her mop bucket along with my favorite lavender fragrance.So here is what to do – Take a bowl( ceramic, metal or glass),full 1/3rd with salt, put 6 coins( traditional Feng Shui says to use Chinese coins, but you can use any metal coins) and then fill 3/4th with water. That’s it !!!

Add rock salt and coins
Full 3/4th with water

Now, place this bowl in the East part of your home/ office and add a metal object like a candle stand, art piece etc near this.It does not need to be visible, so you can place it behind a plant, photo frame, etc but not hidden in a cabinet or inside a drawer. Do not move this from now as you will start seeing an almost chemical reaction happening between the metal and salt. Now that your salt cure is in place,this will start neutralizing the negative energies in your space and replacing it with pure chi. Do you remember the salt scrub treatments at the spa that make you feel so rejuvenated and fresh.That’s exactly how your home will start feeling as the weeks progress. Add fresh flowers, burn candles and incense, open your windows and blinds, etc as these will help accelerate the whole cleansing process. Continue your de-cluttering process side by side( as unfortunately this is never ending . You will start seeing changes to the bowl, so don’t get surprised ( keep a plate underneath to catch the spills).It can actually get ugly, but just think of all the ugliness in your life being removed. Leave this alone for a few weeks or a few months. After you decide to dispose this, put it in a ziplock and throw it in the trash. You cannot use this bowl for another cleanse  as then you will be adding the negative energies back into your space. You may want to do this cleanse atleast once a year, but you can actually do this as often as every month . Friday’s are actually a great day to start this cleanse, so why don’t you try this incredible ancient ritual tonight!!! AND DECLUTTER YOUR ENERGY FIELD.


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