Spring Equinox and some Feng Shui 

So, March 21st was the Spring Equinox which marks the start of new beginnings and revival and scientifically speaking , when the length of day and night are approximately the same. There is a feeling of renewed hope and Mother Nature is showing us miracles everywhere. Blossoms are blooming, the grass seems greener( even in my own yard) and the sun filled days( well, it’s not 90 degrees yet… phew 😅) seem to put an extra bounce in your steps…. perfect time to use some Feng Shui wisdom. 1)Declutter – This is one topic that I will be visiting very often, so do realize how truly important this is and how this has to be done on an ongoing basis. How about today, we declutter our electronics. We get hundreds of emails,texts, WhatsApp messages etc daily… and they do take up energy and space in your computer, phones ,and believe it or not, your head.You have to train yourself to delete your junk emails  on a daily basis, and once a week sort through the rest of your emails. Do I really need that email from American Express from 2015 ?Do I really need to view that video on healing on WhatsApp from 6 months ago? No , I really don’t…it needs discipline on a daily basis to ensure that your phones and computers don’t get clogged. Not only will this slow down your equipment, but this clutter will not allow any new opportunities or ideas to come in. If your computer’s memory is already full( with junk emails) how do you expect to receive that new bid or that pending order? My husband has probably 2000 unread emails and about 40 odd unread messages, texts and phone calls. All that red color on his phone gives me a headache!!! And he needs to learn to delete these and make space for newness . 2) Spring Clean your refrigerator,freezer and pantry – This is the perfect time to throw/ donate those 10 lbs bags of  frozen vegetables from Costco( buy fresh or better grow your own) and those expired cans of soup that you will never drink in the summer months. Come on guys, let’s cook daily, let’s use organic vegetables, buy small, and let’s cut down on our Costco bills( easier said than done).Deep clean your refrigerator,throw out everything that’s gone bad and wipe down the shelves ( I love to use lavender wipes). Wouldn’t you like your pantry to look pretty (use some decorative items too in your pantry) and not cluttered with expired cereal boxes etc. I love these Crabtree and Evelyn cookie jars from London… they look so pretty and they remind me of good times. 3) Plant some green- Do you know the color for money? Hmmm, it’s green !!! And,now is the best time to plan your garden and plant some new annuals and perennials. Avid gardeners start this process way back in January- My bathroom has seeds germinating in the bathtub ( at least someone is using the tub). 

Coleus seedlings
                                                    Be  sure to have fresh plants and greenery in your home ( but never in bedrooms) as they instill new energy into your space. And yes, if you do place plants in your Wealth section, guess what … that’s money growing. But, if your plant withers and dies , do not leave it there, hoping that it will miraculously get revived. That goes in the trash immediately. Get a new plant to replace the dead one. I love to use herbs in my house … they look beautiful and they smell heavenly. I love sage and rosemary!!! Now, if you don’t have a green thumb, it’s okay to use silk artificial plants, but please no dried plants or twigs etc . The reason is pretty self-explanatory… it’s dried and it’s dead. 4) Open your windows- There is something very serene about opening your windows and letting in some fresh air. This is the perfect time ( take your allergra pills to combat those darn allergens)to do so . Think of the fresh air as cleansing our homes. My husband and I disagree on this ( I may have to work on my relationship section a bit more ) but I do love to open my windows and hear the wind chimes in the backyard or the wind rustling through the trees. This is also the perfect time to call in Jose, your window cleaner and get your windows squeaky clean.